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'Rain Yuxuan' cos bump world gold cosplay costume rose war paro spot


item from Taobao
Buyer's review
Agent's Notes
After Sales F.A.Q
Shopping Process
Seller remarks are written by the seller itself and translated by third party translation service, Bhiner Taobao Agent is not responsible for any loss caused by mistranslated English content.

Content introduction and pictures are owned by [RAIN Yuxuan] ~ Do not steal pictures or plagiarism~

Rose war paro gold can be spot or scheduled

Painter: First sight lof address: tsukinagarosa

-----Exclusively authorized production, prohibiting other shops from being sold and sold

-----If there are other shops selling are stolen. People want to face the skin. Please do not condone piracy

exclusive authorization. Open only the cos authorization, allowing cos is not allowed to steal.

**The hat part is not suitable for the hat because the tailor's machine is the car clothes. So it may not be very good. If you don't ask for a hat, you can buy it. Because the original picture is made by everyone and it is not convenient, I have to try it. TUT I have tried my best. The transparent shoulder strap is only spare. If you don’t wear it easily, you don’t need a shoulder strap.

** Spot can be straight hair.

Scheduled productiontime:Usually done in about 3 weeks

**Clothes include: Cloak + shirt + suspenders + bow tie + leg socks Hat is added separately because it is not what I am good at. I hope you don't dislike TUT because the original picture has to work hard to make

Need to pay attention to the place: because the cross on the cloak is hot. The hot part is not suitable for the water to avoid washing. Please wash the clothes as much as possible. Avoid the crossWashed. If it is lost, it needs to be heated and flattened by a cloth with an iron.

One version of the sample

The second version of the sample map on the hat changed to a more delicate embroidery

Cloth: Cardinal, cotton, leather, etc.

---------- Buyers Notice-----------
Please read carefully before buying goods to avoid disputes
1. The collection of items does not accept return, etc., because there is no excess size.
Buyers take care of all the consequences caused by subjective reasons. Do not accept seven days no reason to return.

2. After the final payment, please take a convenient and statistical production of large goods within half a month as soon as possible. The expired deposit is invalid, you can not shoot again.

3. I don't accept it. It doesn't match the imagination. It doesn't fit me. It doesn't seem like the return.
5. Photographed by default

【About after sales】No quality problems are not accepted for return. Customized products are not returned. Do not accept returns that do not like / and not the same as imagined / not suitable for yourself.

If the store issues a problematic product, please take a photo of the problem product immediately and contact customer service to return, the owner will give you a satisfactory answer. Outdated is not responsible [the shop owner is also afraid to use the reason to return JP]]. I hope each in Anyone who buys things in the store can be satisfied. Random evaluation can only deepen the contradiction, but can not solve the problem. If it is damaged by courier, please contact the courier company for corresponding treatment.

Unreasonable troubles / deliberately find 茬 \ and people who do not contact the casually bad reviews, the owner will not force you to modify the praise, but there will never be a second transaction, the bad review once, permanently dragged black. declined to buy.

【About color】&Because the shooting light / display color difference and other factors may have color difference. This is not artificially solved, please understand. This is a common problem of online shopping, if not acceptable, please purchase carefully.

【About offers】This shop does not bargain without shipping or send the net. Buying wigs does not contain anything other than wigs, please take other items to the corresponding page.

【about delivery】 The courier company is not a company separate from the seller, the seller can not specify the delivery speed, please understand. Every shop owner definitely wants to deliver quickly, but can not help but

Seller remarks are written by the seller itself and translated by third party translation service, Bhiner Taobao Agent is not responsible for any loss caused by mistranslated English content.
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