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Cosplay fake dream kingdom with 100 sleeping princes Cheshire cat / dream 100 cos wig


item from Taobao
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Seller remarks are written by the seller itself and translated by third party translation service, Bhiner Taobao Agent is not responsible for any loss caused by mistranslated English content.
Seller PromotionEvent Date: 2017-07-0201: 17: 15-2017-08-31 01:17:15
Single orders over165.00Yuan shippingExcept (Overseas, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia) area
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★ Kira Kira Time ★

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++

Redemption hair outlets here:

Redemption Portal dedicated links, making for a one! Beat two interchangeable two, and so on! ! Black flesh may note, is not the default black notes.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++

Call for

Call for deposit and confirmed the need to take ten meters Signed, full of five people will start proofing open to do. If not able to collect the full group deposit refunded in full! !

The store has just started collecting this area want small partners give support and participate in the collection, deposit ten meters are capable of reaching the full twenty meters! If we all did not feel ginseng in I do not participate in, so that will never collect the full group and they can not work! We trust is the driving force of our hard work ah! About productions you can rest assured that we will first confirm the sample and the sample OK before taking the physical map, you will be prompted to confirm Ok Staff Committee and then bigger cargo on Want! So never kind not seen and they thrust up and delivery of the balance due will happen!

Call for special group: 11,940,286(You may want to wait before adding the group oh ~)

Wig custom-made process: do sample --- --- sample confirmed a large cargo

Duration: about samples of about three to five days after sample confirmed OK about one week a large cargo

high-temperature wire cosplay wig dream kingdom with 100 sleeping prince Cheshire cat hair styling cos

Color: pale golden brown silk pick

Models: with anti-Alice body styling plus braid hair, braids about 70 cm

PS; formerly old braids is 50 cm shorter, so updated braids lengthened! More original oh ~

Cat ear brown color, size about 10cm ~

Figure shows whether pruning: to stay there for a little trim sea

Shooting Camera: Nikon SLR

【About wig】Hair are high-quality high-temperature wire, nets net imports rose more comfortable and breathable -

【About wig】Shop all wigs are taken in kind, but each with different cameras and shooting various reasons, lighting effects, as well as displays, etc. may result in color, the owner will try to restore the original color wig ~

【About Pruning】Shops are unified models wearing head repair, leaving the sea will do our best to trim a little long point, so the wig after receipt of proper pruning is likely still have to make further adjustments to trim to achieve the best results! Wig cut short because no way to change long orz! Trimmed captured all links of the store are the default agree with this point - trimmed wig not want to return Ohhh oh junior partner to understand what you want of course effect can communicate with the customer service front trim! We will try to meet all the requirements!

PS: the owner stuck in the head about repair orz !! but still can be seen wearing the effect of ~ Meng ah! ! Size also happens to fit!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++

Welcome back to the drawing you pro oh ~ ~

Weibo: Fuji onslaught of balls

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++

Wig purchase Notes:

All wigs are purchased plus 1 yuan redemption hairnet! Portal is a necessity to wear a wig, wig need to take care of while supplies: comb, care solution, wax, etc. ~

We do not accept any reason for the difference in assessment ~ have a problem please contact customer service and communication to solve ~

Fight hair on the head, back hair style, in order to increase the dimension, but will was a bit frizzy, people do not like cautious orders oh ~

Wig care tips: Because wigs are unified in a clear bag to put the aircraft box shipments, due to hair in a bag and put a long deformation, so the first part is to take care of the wig with a hair dryer oh home on it , a blow along the! Of course, the conditions can also be used straight clip! Better care ~ easy care solution comb with long oh ~~ cis

About Return:As the wig industry is a special items, non-quality problems rebate does not change Oh ~ such as the receipt of goods for personal reasons(For example, I do not want out, do not like, etc.)Need to return, please contact customer service within 24 hours after receipt of goods, please return the original packaging intact! And return postage themselves! If the time is not granted beyond reason!Think about, photographed and then immediately return the application if you receive the goods, we do not know! But we sell are brand new baby, we need to be responsible for all pro!

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Seller remarks are written by the seller itself and translated by third party translation service, Bhiner Taobao Agent is not responsible for any loss caused by mistranslated English content.
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