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Lol heroes union nine fox fox cos classic skin cosplay clothing spot / can be rented


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A full set of productionLeague LOLNine fox Ali

Complete set includes:

(Skirt + T-shirt + bell sleeve + + + Chinese knot socks, ribbon ear +)= 270

Ninetail)= 260

(Orb of Deception)60 =

(wig)70 =

(shoe)70 =

Full Total: 270 + 260 + 70 + 70 + 70 = 730

A full set of Rent:200

Materials: embroidered woven cotton satin +

Rental price200, knock store details Want inquiry.

We willIn successionCos introduce more merchandise,pleaseadd to my collection!
Thanks to their sister paper buyers show ...
Meng Meng da
Obscure body to adopt brocade embroidery, the already beautiful! ! !
Obscure lining on the cuffs peony dragons big red peony, unique! ! !

Brocade Shadoweave body itself is used beautiful, gold lining cuff Takifugu dragon embroidery threads, unique, cuffs designed tread pattern with reference to the original degree of reduction of 98%

Sleeve above pattern reference pattern design of the original painting, covered with embroidery needles 460,000, plus hard-liner inside the sleeve so as not to fall down, while adding cloth and elastic, appear more three-dimensional, set in the hand will not easily fall not down

Pattern skirt upgrade again, the reference person carries on revision ~

Skirt concealed slide fastener into the opening in the back ~ wearing more convenient

Stitch, work is visible

COS side after serving two revision installed a fake back pockets will not look monotonous, there are said to be sister small wings ~

High-end tassels, set off this COS clothing noble characteristics -

It belongs to the tailor-made, so each garment must be refined according to your personal size, it will be more fit. The following tells you the size of the amount of system Method:


Height ---- cm

Weight --- kg

One week the amount of parallel richest Bust --- cm chest at actual size

Waist --- cm waist at the narrowest one week

Hip --- cm hips the most abundant at one week

The width of the shoulders at the end of the shoulder cm & lt ---

Length --- cm from shoulder began to measure the length down to like

Sleeve --- cm & lt shoulder joints at the ends to a length of the back

--- cm & lt pants waist length to instep

Seller remarks are written by the seller itself and translated by third party translation service, Bhiner Taobao Agent is not responsible for any loss caused by mistranslated English content.
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