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'Rain Yuxuan' full-time master Ye Xiu wigs Ye Qiulin Lin said cosplay black wig


item from Taobao
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After Sales F.A.Q
Shopping Process
Seller remarks are written by the seller itself and translated by third party translation service, Bhiner Taobao Agent is not responsible for any loss caused by mistranslated English content.

◇ ◆Ye Xiu◇ ◆

News: This section goes a wig hair, all the hair into a matte little like a human hair natural sense of the kind of glowing matte brown hair is to do the kind of simulation big scalp hair wig... more natural than the wire temperature and less likely reflective

Each hand-shape from the top are the owner of all issued their own style to wear tried before to no problem re-issued, men's wig handsome natural to get this to go on their own aesthetic styling, wigs would not achieve the role of plastic surgery so do not BLX. I've tried every test sent out one by one, and still do not receive care if really no solution. Figure look back to see where you can also wear good-looking but also to wear the bad and the weird. purely personal care buyers trim and wearing different problems. more practice you can become a craft village o_O king master!

Do not ask me thick enough. No problem face closing the face of the wig base are sent outThis same length and style. Receive and take care of their own needs pruning .100 There are 100 individuals in the eyes of Hamlet. Care / Trim / wearing styles / face will be different this shoot different effects. This is just a wig impossible after the owner has put into the role of plastic surgery can help you look. too difficult one ...

To be honest we have seen the reality of the boys wore a long, thick hair close face it = =? This is not to engage in the visual system is not to engage in FZL. To even be that long hair could not eat rice the hope we have a cautious role. the role was originally boy should be shorter the more handsome. every time I see Peizi wig shop owner but also long enough for shortening it. Do not blindly pursue long Liu Hai / closed face and so on, Wang leaves hair repair did not want to see TvT

This painting is based on the novel design of the set.Full owner manual modeling.

Color: Natural Black

Style: head to fight hair.[This is not a wig making process in question. To fight hair style already looks very edgy mess. This is specifically to increase a sense of style! Novice buyers pay special attention at this point.]

Length is not particularly long but it probably will not be particularly short temples around 23CM [fear is too long would not be in character ... male characters face a large collection of words is very strange and not the original, so do relatively short. Large face sister cautious.]

Shopkeeper real shot

Shooting trimmed short time in front a little bit. The new cover will receive eye to its own revised according to their face. After I waited to make another length head mold cover the eye chart

Such care can also be worn. Autumn leaves for President 3333 feed

Buyers return Figure fact, I happened to see in the evaluation of a back view of the Han speak quite heart stickers out on the water _ (: з ") _

There are a lot of other buyers put location map folder did not hang out a bit messy TUT We seek to knock finished I remember back to Figure wailing

Fight hair head technology introduction and close-up [please read carefully] leaves fix this is to fight hair treatment plus side is roughened basis points on the other side of divide and combed before.

Silk: high-temperature wire(Molding temperature may be controlled within 200)

Grade breathable mesh caps design, the size of the adjustment buckle, self-adjusting

Buyer must read

Microblogging back view of @Rain Yu Xuan flow of goods faster, please ask before making the inventory does not mean that there is.

【Aftermarket】No quality problems do not accept returned. Customized products shall not be returned.
If the shop issued goods in question, please take a picture of the goods contact customer service returned, the owner will give you a satisfactory answer out of date shall not be liable [to find reasons after the owner also afraid to use retreat JP]. Hope everyone in the pro shop to buy things can be satisfied with. arbitrary evaluation can only deepen the contradictions, but not solve the problem. If so damaged express please contact the courier company to be treated accordingly.

Vexatious \ deliberately finding fault \ and do not touch on random difference in assessment of people, the owner will not force you to modify praise, but there is absolutely no trade again the second time, the difference in assessment time, permanent drag black. Refuse to buy.

【About Offer】We do not bargain excluding mail is not sent hairnet bought a wig does not contain anything other than the wig, and other items needed to go to the corresponding page photographed together.

【About Modeling】Wigs are Peizi issue. When the production is not necessarily tailored to a person. Face different take effect is not the same. Basically most of the wig must be there to take care of after themselves after receiving the best results. Different people will wear different styling and feel.
Express transportation wig is put transport bag, it is bound to friction. Messy if received to restore the self-carded. Roughened portion stated wig head portion made rough messy. Is a special production process . not wig quality problems. Please

【About Color】&Because shooting light / display color and other factors may be color. It is not man-made can be resolved, please understand. This is a common problem with online shopping, if not accept, please buy carefully.

【About Hair Loss】Store section head fight hair / thicker section, is itself in order to facilitate the modeling done a lot of hair in there. The more they do hair floating hair and hair loss will increase, and some are combed out will not affect the shape and thickness, not a quality problem, please be assured use.

【about delivery】&Courier companies and the seller is not a separate company, the seller also express delivery speed can not be specified, please understand. Each owner will certainly want to express delivery quickly, but do nothing

Seller remarks are written by the seller itself and translated by third party translation service, Bhiner Taobao Agent is not responsible for any loss caused by mistranslated English content.
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